Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome to Illusion Spin!

Welcome to my new blog, Illusion Spin! I decided to name it so, since the Illusion Spin is one of my favorite skills, and a very cool, underused skill. I'm terrible at writing any sort of introduction, so this will be short.
This blog will mainly be opinion pieces, but also competition reports, and some predictions. Expect the humor to be along the lines of Davai Stoi!, which is one of my favorite blogs (for any of you who don't read that gymnastics blog, it's full of sarcasm, and just generally very funny - I highly recommend checking it out).
This blog will also have some figure skating posts, although fewer figure skating posts than gymnastics posts, as I also love figure skating. Note - the figure skating posts will only be ladies figure skating, since I really only follow that and know about it. Sorry if you follow mens, pairs, or ice dancing.
Lastly, I will try to put out new posts as much as I can. If it's been a while, please do give me a little nag or nudge - I won't find it annoying. That little kick will be what I need to get that next post up.

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